All your relevant Water Resource infromation in a single Multi-platform software 

Why is capta amaru different?

Capta AMARU Software was developed from scratch iwith our Customers and with last generation technologies, with the goal of creating a tool that really delivers on it's promise of helping improve water management and distribution.


Discover it's main features below. 

Control center for multiple devices

Quick view of all devices in AMARU​

Key feature to easily manage multiple devices in a canal or river distribution network. Designed for permanente display in a control room. 

  • Device summary

  • List with detrails on Flow, Battery and Connectivity

  • Fast flow view  

  • Fast battery and connectivity view

  • Flexible configuration 


Comparison between multiple variables

Fast level, flow and volume comparison in one device

Allows to quickly understand the behaviour and main data of a particular device, for a given time range, giving a better view for decision making.


  • Water Level 

  • Water Flow

  • Volume by hour, day and cumulative


Complete access to historical data

Long term data visualization and download 

With Capta AMARU the customer will always have direct and unlimited access to their historical data, allowing for long term trend observation and data analysis as support for decision making.


  • Water Level 

  • Water Flow

  • Volume by hour, day and cumulative


level and flow alerts

Real-time alerts and notifications for complete control over your water resources 

Water level and flow alerts in three levels (low, high and overflow), allow the customer to rest assured that now important event will go unnoticed. 

  • Flow alerts

  • Level alerts

  • Easy configuration for each device 


comparison between devices

Objective visibility on hidraulic events and resource behaviour in the distribution network

Comparison between devices helps understand how water really behaves in different segments of the distribution network, making it a valuable tool for decision making and management. 

  • Compare water level, flow and volume


online monitoring and support

Timely and efficient service to maximize operational continuity 

Capta AMARU gives permanent visibility on battery and connectivity levels, allowing our support team to detect and attend problems quickly, communicating courses of action through the messaging platorm.

  • Battery/energy level monitoring

  • Connectivity level monitoring 

  • Internal messaging system 

Floodgate remote control 

Timely and efficient service to maximize operational continuity 

The floodgate remote control  module allows to command floodgate levels and visualize it's position and up/downstream water levels. 

  • Remote position control 

  • Visualize position and water levels 


Ios and android mobile apps

Timely and efficient service to maximize operational continuity 

Capta AMARU mobile apps are available for all IoS and Android mobile phones.

They offer a simplified version of the web app, allowing the customer to do the following on the go: 

  • Quickly review water level and flow status

  • Quickly review device status  

  • Receive alerst and notifications directly on mobile phone 

  • Send messages to Capta Hydro support team, from each specific device 


integration with regulators

Direct conection with regulator platforms when needed for compliance

Integration applied in Chile and plnned for future geografies where we will operate.

third party data integration and continual improvement

Integrate all relevant water data to a single platform

Capta AMARU software has an open architecture that allows it to easily integrate with most third party data sources, including data from the customers' existing devices, public data and willing external organizations, with the goal of having all relevant water data in the same platform.

Robust new feature and product development plan 

Our software development area is in permanent conversation with our customers, both to improve existing features as to develop future ones, helping make Capta AMARU an excellent tool for both water distribution organizations and final water users. 


why invest in capta hydro telemetry and floodgate automation solutions?

Fast problem detection

Data to prioritize infrastructure improvements 

More efficient use of the Staff

Increase trust between water users and organization

More precise

water distribution

Detect illegal water extractions

Capta CFT Canal Ochagavia.png

How could your water management improve with Capta Hydro?

The ability to monitor and control flows remotely and in real time has the potential to be a fundamental tool to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of superficial water management and distribution.


Our project engineers are at your disposal to help you advance in your modernization project. 

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