Flow Measurement

Canal measurement and discharge curve generation in gauging sections

Economic, fast and high precision service. 

Capta Hydro completes gauging services using chemical tracers, offers an economic service with precision within 5%. We realize specific gauging services or discharge curve generation. We deliver a detailed report in less than 5 week days. 


High precision flow gauging

Our chemical gauging service provides flow measurements withing +/- 5%, compared to +/-10% of traditional methods. 

Fast service, transparent and integral

The generation of a discharge curve takes about 2 hours per gauging point, and the results are displayed immediately and transparently in the software.

Once made, within 5 working days we send a complete report with the detail of the measurements and the discharge curves corresponding to the gauging section.

Ideal for channels in complex conditions, difficult to access and under 7m3 / s

Since personnel do not have to enter the channel to perform the measurements, it is ideal for difficult access channels or complex conditions. It is also not necessary to have studies of the bathymetry. For optimal accuracy we recommend measuring in channels of 7 m3 / s or less.

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