River Management


Capta Hydro canal telemetry and gate automation solutions allow river management organizations to monitor and control water outflows in real time, helping them improve water management and distribution 

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Objective and transparent information of river flow, strengthening trust between the river management organization, irrigation districts and final water users

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Better and more efficient water distribution

Real time monitoring and control of river outflows allows to determine total river discharge and better apply proportional or  volume-based water distribution 

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Fast identification of potencial issues and emergencies 

Constant monitoring of water flows and canal gate status allows for real time problem detection,, minimizing potential issues or water losses.

Higher trust between river management and users

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Administration and Monitoring Software

Flow control software, which connects the equipment developed by Capta Hydro and other previously installed sensors.


Capta CFT

Canal Flow Telemetry

Telemetry equipment with anti-theft features and installation without additional civil wells that delivers high precision and frequency data.

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Capta CFC

Canal Flow Control

Automation system for pre-existing gates, with anti-theft design and synchronized telemetry equipment.