Level and Flow Telemetry

Level and Flow Telemetry for Groundwater Wells

In many water distribution systems, uncertainty in water volumes due to drought, severe rains, and the need to mitigate lapses in water delivery have promoted the incorporation of telemetry systems to measure, control and effective network management.

To meet this need  Capta Hydro has created the Capta LFT telemetry system of wells, to monitor the extraction of groundwater and help effectively manage these assets.


The Capta LFT system complies with all the requirements of Chilean regulations.

Digital Manometer (optional)

Level sensor by hydrostatic pressure

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Intuitive web interface allows monitoring of Capta equipment from anywhere in real time.

Ultrasonic flow meter

Pump power meter


Visualization of data in software AMARU

Detailed data history

Measure and analyze well depth up to 500 meters.

Monitor the pressure and operating status of the pump with visible data on location and online.

You can measure active and reactive to calculate efficiency.

View operational trends and important events, with data backup through the app.

Ultrasonic sensors can be coupled with existing pipelines, reducing the installation time and the cost per equipment.


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Flow data monitoring

Keep track of important historical data for analysis and management of groundwater resource and well health

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Decrease response time

Custom alert system allows for quick action against eventualities such as pump failure

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Regulation compliance

In addition to water management benefits, level and flow telemetry will help you comply with most water extraction regulations


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