Complete open-flow canal telemetry solution. 

Patented hardware design, fully adaptable to existing infrastructure and with anti-vandalism characteristics. Delivers high precision and frequency data through AMARU software.

Capta CFT

Canal Flow Telemetry

CFT Sociedad CAnal de Maipo (2da Pagina)
Copy of CFT Canal Huidobro (2da Pagina).


Fast detection of problems

Constant water flow monitoring - plus an effective alert system - allows for inmediate detection of problems in water delivery, minimizing losses or errors.

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Data to prioritize infrastructure improvements 

Historical flow data will help to inform and prioritize investment decisions to  improve the distribution infrastructure, especially when having multiple telemetry points to detect losses in specific sectors.

More efficient use of the Staff

Telemetry allows to prioritize operational staff time towards solving problems, since they will have to spend less time making rounds to check water flows and to communicate with water users

Increase trust between water users and organization

Capta Hydro telemetry provides objective and transparent information, strengthening trust levels between water users and water distribution organizations, laying the foundations for their further investments 

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More precise

water distribution

Real-time water flow data in key nodes allow for a more water precise distribution. 

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Detect illegal water extractions

Constant water flow monitoring - plus an effective alert system - allows for inmediate detection of possible water theft and fture prevention.

Why is it different?

We decided to innovate and develop the Capta CFT, a complete open canal telemetry solution, because the world needed better tools to solve it's water management problemas.

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what makes us different and why it matters. 

installation directly above existing infrastructure

Sensor Ultrasónico mide directamente sobre el espejo de agua


Capta CFT installed directly aboive water flow ruler

Quick and safe installation

above existing canal wall 

  • Water level is measured directly above ruler in gauging section for accurate flow measurement

  • Innovative equipment design allows for safe and secure installation above canal wall

  • Installation in under 2 hours, even with canal in full operation

Minimum canal wall dimension


  • Width: 18 cm

  • Length: 90 cm

  • Depth: 30 cm

CFT Turbina Diana.jpeg

Why is it important?

  • Well designed flow gauging structures can have reliable precision of around 5%  

  • Instalación más flexible, en cualquier época del año

  • Flexible installation, during any time of the year

  • Equipo puede cambiarse de lugar en caso de ser necesario

  • Equipments' position can be changed if necessary

  • Less installation time and costs 

  • Avoids problems with operation of stilling well or automatic gates with submerged sensors:​

    • Eliminates accuracy errors in submerged sensors because of sediment accumulation

    • Less maintenance costs  

estacion telemetria.jpg

Traditional Canal Telemetry Station

pozo de calma.jpg

Interior view of stilling well


Safety and durability

Anti-vandalism test with portable power tools

Why is it important?

  • Equipment is generally installed in isolated rural areas, without the possibility of security personnel

  • Equipment is installed outdoors and must last at least 20 years without replacement

  • Vandalism risk is real, particularly in developing countries like Chile 

  • Padlocks, bars or conventional steel can be easily destroyed with portable power tools

Resistent Anti-Vandalism Design​

  • 3mm thick steel protection shell, with anti-corrosive paint

  • 4mm thick anti-abrasive steel for internal reinforcement, resistant to power tools.

  • Zamak and chrome nickel safe locks.

  • 2mm thick anti-impact polycarbonate cover
    for solar panel protection.

  • Stainless steel anchor bolts for secure installation, secure inside the protection shell

  • Shock detection alarm (in development)


Vandalised traditional telemetry station

Captura de pantalla 2019-02-06 a la(s) 1

precise and reliable data


Water flow graph in 7 days, shows high variation

Reliable and high accuracy sensors 

  • Last generation, high precision RS485 Ultrasonic Sensor. Approximately +-0.5mm accuracy in 2 meter range and 1mm in 4 meter range

  • Each data point is composed of 4 height measurements in 1 minute, which allows to compensate for natural variations

  • Sensors feature temperature compensation and equipment design allows for their operation at room temperature


Why is it important?

  • Obtaining accurate flow values is essential to obtain full value from a telemetry solution investment and to improve the water management.

  • A high level of accuracy in sensor height measurement is key to obtaining reliable flow measurements.*

  • Particularly important in canals with flows that are highly sensitive to water level changes


*The accuracy of the Capta CFT 5.4 equipment flow measurement will depend mainly on the precision of the gauging section and associated discharge curve* 

Want more technical information regarding open canal gauging structures?​ Check the presentation in the following link:


water flow measurement services

Do you have any doubts about the precision of a gauging section or discharge curve? We can help you with hydraulic evaluation and gauging services.


High level of energy autonomy, connectivity and frequency of data transmission to AMARU software

  • MiMo multiband antenna, up to 20 times more powerful than regular cellular phone

  • Connects to 2g / 3g / 4g networks

  • Asynchronous communication capability sends saved data collected when offline 

  • Offline data buffer of up to 6 months

  • Large capacity solar panel and batteries give up to 1 week of energy autonomy in case of insufficient solar radiation

  • Software regulates data frequency based on energy availability, maximizing battery life

Why is it important?

  • Obtaining water flow data with high frequency and consistency is essential to obtain value from telemetry equipment and to improve the management of water resources.

  • MiMo antenna allows for good connectivity in remote places, even with very low levels of cellular signal

  • Connectivity is never 100%, but data will not be lost

  • Battery lifespan of up to 5 years, lowering battery maintenance costs

Captura de pantalla (3).png

Signal coverage map shows limited range in rural areas of Chile 

High power multiband MiMo antenna


integration with capta hydro canal gate automation solutions


Capta CFC Canal Gate Automation Solution

A comprehensive surface water management solution

  • Separation by design of telemetry and canal gate automation solution allows for modular and multi-staged projects, being able to start with telemetry and then progress to gate automation or vice versa

  • UNDER DEVELOPMENT: Integration of gate automation to telemetry for automatic flow control


¿Porqué es importante?

  • Obtener datos de caudal con alta frecuencia y consistencia es fundamental para obtener valor de un equipo de telemetría y poder mejorar la gestión de recursos hídricos

  • Permite tener buena conectividad en lugares remotos, con muy bajos niveles de conectividad

  • Conectividad nunca es 100%, pero datos no se perderan

  • Vida util de hasta 5 anios para bateria baja costos de mantencion

amaru software

PLATAFORMASAsset 1_3x.png

Why is it important?

  • Data visualization and analysis is essential to obtain full value from a telemetry solution investment and to improve the water resource management

  • AMARU software is constantly improving and incorporating new functionalities

  • By allowing the integration of third-party data, it can be a single platform for water resource management

Complete water flow and equipment management software

  • Flow monitoring via graphs, alerts and automatic reports

  • Equipment status monitoring 

  • Unlimited user and multi-platform access, with Android and iOS mobile applications

  • Cloud server for software and database, with permanent access to the latter.

  • Third-party data integration (Govt agencies, other suppliers)

  • Internal and proprietary software development, with regular updates and improvements

¿Quieres más información sobre el software AMARU?​ Sigue el siguiente link:


Timely and efficient service to maximize operational continuity 

  • Constant online monitoring of equipment measurement, connection and battery status

  • 4G data plan management

  • Support requests available 365 days a year, first response in less than 24 hours

  • Training in equipment operation and maintenance for remote troubleshooting by client personnel

  • Free remote troubleshooting support

  • Field service included during warranty period

  • Transparent field service cost post-warranty

Capta Hydro engineer executing programmed maintenance

Why is it important?

  • The value obtained from a telemetry solution investment is largely determined by its operational continuity

  • Being exposed to the elements and isolated increases the possibilities of equipment failure and makes constant online monitoring essential.

  • Capta Hydro's commitment is to offer the best service levels on the market.

Want more information about our Operations and Support Services?

Follow the link below:

full operation and support service

adaptability to multiple conditions


For electrical power network availability

In certain installation spaces, solar energy may not be an option, which is why we have developed a version that can be connected to the power grid, to a system of solar panels or a set of batteries up  to 50 meters away from the system.

The Capta CFT-Micro version has the same characteristics as the standard Capta CFT equipment.



For pre-existing telemetry stations and still wells.

The Capta e-CFT consists of the electronics, energization and sensor components, and is designed to be installed in existing telemetry stations or in still wells.

It is an ideal alternative for clients who want to renew their telemetry solution but also want to take advantage of past investments. 

Measurement of multiple canals with 1 system

The Multi-Sensor Module allows measuring 2 or more water levels from just one base telemetry unit, thus saving the client the investment in a second unit.

It is an ideal option to install above canal walls separating parallel canals.

Capta CFT Radar (1).jpg


The Radar Module allows to obtain real time water flow measurements without the need of a gauging section or discharge curve, by measuring the speed of surface water.

It is an ideal option to install in wide, high flow and low slope canals, where the construction of a gauging section is not feasible. CONTACT US FOR MORE INFORMATION



The performance of our solutions and the satisfaction of our customers support us.

We invite you to try Capta Hydro, you will not regret it.

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How could your water management improve with a telemetry solution that really works?

The ability to monitor flows remotely and in real time has the potential to be a fundamental tool to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the operation of irrigation canal networks.


The installation of multiple telemetry systems along a canal network allows to identify quickly and accurately critical situations such as choke points, water theft or losses, as well as more effective water distribution and data to prioritize investments for infrastructure improvement