Complete floodgate automation solution. Adaptable to existing infraestructure and floodgates. Allows to monitor and telecontrol their position through AMARU Software.

Capta CFC

Canal Flow Control


Fast Problem Detection

Constant water flow monitoring - plus an effective alert system - allows for inmediate detection of problems in water delivery, minimizing losses or errors.

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React to emergencies inmediatly

El accionamiento remoto entrega una capacidad de reacción inmediata frente a eventos naturales, bloqueos en la red u otras emergencias.

More efficient use of staff

Telemetry allows to prioritize operational staff time towards solving problems, since they will have to spend less time making rounds to check water flows and to communicate with water users

Increase trust between water users and organizations 

Capta Hydro telemetry provides objective and transparent information, strengthening trust levels between water users and water distribution organizations, laying the foundations for their further investments 

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More precise water distribution

Real-time water flow data in key nodes allow for a more water precise distribution. 

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Detect illegal water extractions

Constant water flow monitoring - plus an effective alert system - allows for inmediate detection of possible water theft and fture prevention.

Why is it different?

We decided to innovate and develop Capta CFC, a complete existing floodgate automation solution, because we believe on modernization based on improving proven and existing infrastructure.  

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existing floodgate automation


Automatización de compuertas de Bocatoma

Adaptable to existing infrastructure

and floodgates 

  • Simpler and cheaper installation 

  • No need of major additional civil works

  • Floodgate may be refurbished or replaced if necessary

Why is it important?

  • More flexible installation, even with the canal operating at full capacity. 

  • Greater robustness against sudden water level  growths and extreme events. Mayor robustez ante crecidas y eventos extremos 

  • Significant savings from faster installation times and less infrastructure 


Installation with fully operational canal


safety and robustness


External casing dive an additional safety level 

Diseño Resistente y Anti-Vandalismo​

  • 3mm steel protective casing

  • Zamack and cromed nickel safelock locks

  • 2mm policarbonate for solar panel protection

  • Stainless steel anchoring bolts are protected inside the casing

  • Impact detection alarm (coming soon) 

Why is it important?

  • Most devices are installed in generally isolated rural areas, with the possibility of permanente security personnel

  • Vandalism risk is real, particularly in developing countries  

  • Devices are installed outdoor and are designed to last at least 20 years without replacement 

  • Traditional steel padlocks, locks and bars can be easily vandalized with electrical cutting tools.


Solar panels with protective policarbonate


Innovative Actuation System

  • Automatic decoupling of electromechanical system when gate hits canal bottom or a strange object such as stones or logs. 

  • Allows for sensibility comparable to personnel operating the floodgate. 

Why is it important?

  • Conventional safety methods via electrical fuses are not sensitive enough to achieve a safe sealing against the bottom or protect the actuation mechanism against strange objects

  • In river intakes it is common for floodgates to face water with muhc more sediment and objects, increasing damage risk to the equipment.

Crecida Rio Tinguiririca

River with growth event following heavy rainfall


amaru software:

reliable DATa and TELECONTROL

Complete device and water

management software

  • Monitor floodgate status via graphs, alerts and automatic reports.

  • Telecontrol from Web platform and status checking from Android and IoS mobile apps 

  • Access to unlimited users, multi-plataform and with native mobile apps

  • AZURE and AWS cloud server for software and data base, with full permanent access to data. 

  • Data integration of existing telemetry and third party sources

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image (2) copy.png

Comparación de Datos de Altura de Compuerta y Nivel de Aguas Arriba

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Comparación de Datos de Compuerta y Caudal

Why is it important?

  • Data visualization and analysis is key to obtain value from a floodgate automation solution and use it to improve water distribution and management

  • AMARU software is continually being improved and updated with new functionality

  • Allowing third party data integration allows it to become a final platform for water resource management 

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INTEGRAtIoN with capta hydro canal telemetry 

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An integral solution for surface water resource distribution and management

  • Separated telemetry and automation devices allows for modular and stage-based projects

  • Coming soon: conection of automation devices with telemetry for automatic operation in function of water level or flow


full operation and support services


Timely and efficient service to maximize operational continuity 

  • Online monitoring of measurement quality, battery and connectivity levels. 

  • Cellular data plan management

  • 365 days a year support, with first reply guarantee in under 24 hours

  • Customer training on basic trouble-shooting 

  • On-terrain service included during warranty period 

  • Online support included, always with out cost 

  • Transparent support cost services 

Why is it important?

  • The value of a telemetry solution is determined in great measure by it's operational continuity

  • Being isolated and exposed to the elements makes them more susceptible to failure possibilitues and makes continuos monitoring a must

  • Our commitment is to offer best-in-class service levels 

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How could your water management improve with a FLOODGATE AUTOMATION solution that really ADAPTS TO YOUR INFRASTRUCTURE?

The ability to operate and view the status of floodgates remotely and in real time has the potential to be a fundamental tool to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the surface water distribution networks.

The installation of floodgate automation along a network of channels, particularly when accompanied by flow telemetry equipment, is a fundamental tool for organizations in charge of water resource distribution to be able to successfully adapt to the effects of climate change and increased water demand.